Thursday, February 19, 2015

Macaroni Soup, ASUS Zenfone and Classroom Moments

    I have just bought a new smartphone since I lost mine due to negligence. I was quite happy with it because I find its camera features superb. Because of this, I can't help but to snap pictures of my cute students inside my classroom. With a bit of effects, I just realized that my classroom looks good in camera...hhahaha...
Someone is sleepy....
Feeding time!!! Remember Carlo? again with his funny face...hahaha
I just a took a shot of myself just to prove that I was here...hehe

Wondering what they are eating? It's macaroni soup for the nth time....
     You might have noticed why we have feeding time. You know, our school is preparing a lot for the National Achievement test, so in order for the pupils to learn very well, we feed them every afternoon. They don't have recess in the afternoon so they have no excuse of not learning just because they are hungry. hehehe..There are assigned group of parents who prepare the food and I am very glad that my parents are cooperative. They religiously prepare food for the pupils on their designated schedule. In this photos, we had macaroni soup for the nth time...hahaha.. Why nth time? Parents prefer to cook this dish since it is more affordable...hehehe

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