Friday, June 13, 2014

DepEd Forms: School Forms

      As of the moment, I am our school's ICT (Information Communications Technology) coordinator. It is not actually a position but a coordinatorship. This means that you are in charge of anything related to computers, internet, encoding, multimedia, lay-outing etc. You are also in charge of the e-learning classroom. This may sounds a good position and if you are asking if this makes me a step higher in the ladder then you're wrong. This is just an extra or ancillary work and it does NOT increase my salary..hehehe...However, I find this position quite satisfying since the thrust of education is geared towards Information Technology. It is perhaps an advantage on my part since this contributes to me to become a "21st Century" teacher. This position also gives me the opportunity to attend seminars that increase my exposure to the system and the same time meet new people and develop linkages. As they say, it is not enough what you know, but whom you know. And I can never be sure how would these acquaintances be of good help in the future especially if professional development is to be taken account.
    I would like to share some of the forms currently used in the public school system. And for this maiden post about DepEd forms, let me share to you the current forms which were implemented just this school year. These forms also have a change in their names: These are:

  School Form 1 (SF 1) School Register - This replaces  Form 1, Master List & STS Form 2-Family Background and Profile.
  School Form 2 (SF2) Daily Attendance Report for Learner - This cancel Form 1, Form 2 & STS Form 4 - Absenteeism and Dropout Profile.  
   School Form 3 (SF3) Books Issued and Returned- This replaces Form 1 & Inventory of Text Book.
  School Form 4 (SF4) Monthly Learner's Movement and Attendance- This replaces Form 3 & STS Form 4-Absenteeism and Dropout Profile.
  School Form 5 (SF 5) Report on Promotion & Level of Proficiency- This replaces Forms 18-E1, 18-E2, 18A.
   School Form 6 (SF6) Summarized Report on Promotion and Level of Proficiency- This cancels Form 20
   School Form 7 (SF7) School Personnel Assignment List and Basic Profile- This replace Form 12-Monthly Status Report for Teachers, Form 19-Assignment List, Form 29-Teacher Program and Form 31-Summary Information of Teachers.

    Now, where are the forms? Relax, Just click the link below.


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