Monday, February 17, 2014

Peer Tutoring and Study Session for National Achievement Test

    As part of our goal to improve our National Achievement Test scores, we did peer tutoring and study sessions together with my students. Usually, I do remediation to some of my students. This time however, I tried to expand this by asking the help of my best students to teach their peers who have difficulty in my subject which is Math.
    Part of my strategy this year was to focus on my good students so that in one way or another they could help boost the scores. And one way to boost the scores is to use the knowledge I have given them and share this to their classmates and schoolmates.

   What I did was in fact very productive. Not only did the tutees learn but the tutors also improve their Math competencies by sharing what they know. This reiterates the idea that teaching is also learning. 

     I also didn't forget to give credit to both the tutees and the tutor. We did this after class so it was really an effort for them to stay when all other students preferred to go home. I also was very glad that there were no negative competition. The atmosphere was really full of learning and sharing. 
    What I also liked about what we did is the fact the students from other sections forge friendship with one another. They became friends even though they don't belong to the same section. Sometimes, we had contests just to heat things up and to make our study sessions fun and lively.

   I don't know if it was appropriate, but I actually shared to my student about our status with regards to our National Achievement Test scores. That I told them that we got very low last year so we need to really do extra effort to improve. That we need to help one another, I as a teacher, and them as students. I think this made them really motivated. They said that they wanted to help the school rise to the top. This made me proud of my students. I didn't care about their scores anymore. I think their winning attitude is already an achievement.

P.S. Our efforts paid off! We drastically increased our National Achievement Scores. This batch actually got the highest score after more or less 5 years in our school's history. So proud of them!!!


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