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Lesson Plan in Math 6 (Integrated with Values/Yolanda-Themed)


I. Objectives

A. Multiply fractions with whole numbers
B. Solve word problems involving multiplication of fractions and whole numbers
C. Extend help to those in need

II. Subject Matter

A. Multiplication of fractions with whole numbers
B. BEC PELC II.I.3 – 3.1 ; Enjoying Mathematics Workbook p. 88; Soaring 21st Century Mathematics pp 85-88
C. pictures, chart, chalkboard, flashcard
D. Helpfulness/Charity

III. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities
1. Review (Mini-Game)
Give the products of the following:
a. 1/2 x 1/3   b. 3/4 x 1/5   c. 6/8 x 2/3   d. 3/4 x 1/6   e. 5/6 x 1/3

2. Motivation

Ask: Have you watch the news about typhoon Yolanda that hit our country just a week ago? How do you feel upon seeing the areas and people affected?
Show pictures of the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda.
Present images of people helping in relief operations.
Ask: What can we do to help the typhoon victims?

B. Developmental Activities

1. Presentation
Present the following problem:
 15 pupils of Grade VI- Aquino plan to donate relief goods to help those who were affected by typhoon Yolanda. 2/5 of these pupils will donate noodles while the rest will give canned goods. How many pupils will donate noodles? How many will give canned goods?
Discuss the problem using guide questions (STAR Strategy)
Search the Problem:
What is asked in the problem? What are the given facts? What operations should be used?
Translate the Problem:
What is the mathematical sentence/equation?
Answer the Problem:
What is the answer/solution to the problem?
Review the Solution:
Does the answer make sense? Does it answer the problem?
Explain the solution using block model and/or algorithm.

Discuss another problem.

 36 sacks of rice will be delivered to the affected towns. 1/6 of these will be delivered to Ajuy. How many sacks of rice will be delivered to Ajuy?

Give pupils the freedom to choose block model or traditional algorithm in solving the problem.

2. Exercises (Peer Tutoring)

Give the product of the following:
a. 1/2 x 24    b. 3/5 x 18     c. 1/3 x 15     d. 3/4 x 12     e. 2/6 x 30

3. Generalization

How do we multiply fractions with a whole number?

C. Application (Group Activity)

Each group must have each member solve a problem:
a. There are 45 volunteers in relief operations. If 7/9 of them are boys, how many volunteers are boys?
b. Shelly has an allowance of P50. She gave 2/5 of it as her contribution to typhoon victims. How much was Shelly’s contribution?
c. Youth for Christ donated 28 boxes of used clothing. 3/7 of these are men’s clothes while the rest are women’s clothes. How many boxes are women’s clothes?
d. Paula had 15 kilos of rice. 1/3 of it were packed in red plastic bags. How many kilos were packed in red plastic bags?
e. A school has 32 teachers. 3/4 of them donated in cash while the remaining teachers donated  in kind. How many teachers donated in cash? In kind?

IV. Evaluation

Solve independently.
1. 1/3  x 27
2. 2/8 x 16
3. 1/12 x 48
4. Anjo donated 50 cans of sardines and tuna. If 4/10 of these are cans of tuna, how many cans of tuna did Anjo donate?
5. 1/4 of the volunteers are women. If there are a total of 20 volunteers, how many women volunteers are there? Men volunteers?

V. Assignment

 a. Solve the following problem:
    Ryan had P540. He donated 1/3 of his money to the typhoon victims and saved the rest. How much money did he save?

b. Bring relief goods (e.g. noodles, canned goods, rice, etc) to be donated to the typhoon victims.

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Teacher III
A. Bonifacio Elementary School


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