Thursday, April 18, 2013

Advance Organizers part 1

    This post will list all possible advance organizers that teachers can use in presenting their lessons.  Remember that these organizers don't work by themselves, rather it is still crucial for the teacher to explain what these organizers present to make learning more efficient.

      Uses: mapping generic information, mapping hierarchical relationships. 

     Uses: organizing a hierarchical set of information, reflecting superordinate or subordinate elements

     Uses: When the information relating to a main idea or theme does not fit into a hierarchy

     Uses: When information contains cause and effect problems and solutions

     Uses: helps students to compare different solutions to a problem

      Uses: useful for mapping cause and effect

These are retrieved from  National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials. (If you are the owner of this site and if you want your contents to be removed from this blog, kindly inform me immediately. Thank you.)

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