Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Party by the Beach

I'm in a green horns to one of my friends...hehehe
          I just would like to share some pictures of our Christmas Party held at Reynaldo's Beach Resort Tigbauan, Iloilo together with my college friends. What I like most about our batch is that we still hang out together eventhough some of us are already "professional" teachers. Of course there are hard drinks, but give me the exception...I still prefer milk and
I dont know what to comment...mga feelers...wehehehe

Why am I in green??? There are a lot of coconut trees...hay...I noticed something..hehehe

My classmate Chepeline and I...
with my classmate Kristy...
drinking The Bar..hehehe...except me...Coke lang....hehehe
This is what I noticed a while ago...I don't belong...with nature right??? Why did I wear a green shirt????lol
Peace Yoh!!!
I dont belong...I dont belong...

Another picture ala model...whahaha
       That's all folks...BTW this was held last December 22,'s always great to have fun with friends right?!!!Merry Christmas to all and Learning-filled New Year!!!

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  1. you don't smile on pictures, do you?