Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quotes and Wisdom about Teaching 4

    These days, since it's summer, I would like to take a break on educational psychology topics. To be honest, it's a bit difficult to post about theories since I have to study, think over and read again the topics I will be posting. Of course I would really love to be credible as possible. I may not be a founded psychologist, but I also want that the insights I share are correct and have bases. Now, let me share this poem to you which I read from a book given to me. Hope you find this inspiring especially in nurturing our learners.

"The heart of child is a scroll,
A page that is lovely and white;
And to it as fleeting years roll,
Come hands with a story to write.

Be ever so careful, O hand;
Write thou with a sanctified pen;
Thy story shall live in the land
For years in the doings of men.

It shall echo in circles of light,
Or lead to the death of a soul.
Give here but a message of right,
For the heart of a child is a scroll."


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